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From Ideas To Reality

A little About us

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Conflutech is a Web designing and development company currently operating from jammu believing in "Designs from ideas to reality and Development from paper to web". We design the way you want.We build Websites and Graphic Designs across the world; We are working here in jammu and kashmir providing many services following all the latest trends. We can give your organization a unique identity to stand out high in the crowd. Get in touch with us to give us the pleasure to work with you.

Services We provide

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Web Designing

Web Designing,We refer it as the art of working with pixels to bring you the amazing textures and designs that will relate the real world around and make your site stand out Amazingly extraordinary in the crowd. We have got the Amazing Designers in jammu to paint the canvas of the web as per the Requirement and satisfaction of the clients.

Web Development

Web development is the logic to make the website work according to the need of the clients. Coding is a Passion in our Company and we love to code.We have Developer who will code your way. If you have got an idea,Suggest us and we will be there for you to Realize your Ideas.

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Logo Designing

Logos give your Business or Organization a unique Identity. A suitable and an elegant logo can attracts the concerned persons and make their interest of concern about your Organisation. We have specialized designers to give you a proper stamp that uniquely defines Only you and your work.

Content Writing

Good Content in a website helps in improving the SEO of the site. We provide you with the real content that will be unique and simple so that the concerned viewers can get a better knowledge of your organization.

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Responsive design

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is an approach by which we make a website work in almost all the resolutions. Since we all are going mobile Hence a care has to be made to make the Responsive designs that is ;Making a liquid website . By a liquid web design , we mean the flexibility of a website to get into the resolution of the user's Screen. Be it a mobile phone, a tablet, desktop or a pc.

Wedding Websites

We have brought in the trend of creating amazing wedding websites to a different level.We make the weddings better with beautiful and creative wedding websites.

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