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Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

A Mother is the one who will always be there for you.She brings you to this beautiful world providing you with all the things she can do best for you. She is the inspiration for all the young little minds.She is the one to listen to your joys and sorrows equally and guide you with all her experiences protecting you from the world.She teaches you to live and to live for;helping all those who need you.
She makes you the best food and is the best chef in the World.She loves us more than anyone else in this world.She fills your mind with all those pure thoughts and ideas.Even Gods come to earth to enjoy her love & care.She is the most beautiful woman in your life.

Never ever hurt her. Take care of her. Listen to her ; her experiences and unsaid words when you are angry. Try to read the situations through her eyes. She can never do wrong with you. She is above all the entities created by God for us.

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A Short Little Poem

Love has many forms ,She shows us the purest one.
The gentle among all yet the strongest one.
Loving unconditionally ; she felt all the pain
for our happiness and our joys;
Mama,Mom Maa,Ammi;
Her smile can brighten all the moments;
We smile, She smiles ;We cry, She cries.
In all the turns of our life,
she will always be there standing by us.
Her kiss can wipe away all our tears;
All those difficult times and those fears.
Protecting us from the world;
Celebrating love for us everyday.

Its a Special Day for the Purest Relation on Earth.
Wishing You all a Happy Mother’s Day

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