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What is a construction log?

What is a construction log?
What is a Construction Log? Maybe you know it as a Site Diary. Most simply, it is a first record that initially records any occurrences on site. It is also a document that provides any quick referencing information for a particular project. But the two main things that should be in the log are general daily information and any concerns.
Some other common things you may include in a construction log:
  • Weather – This may not be relevant for all projects but here in Denmark, the weather is always a topic of conversation. What effect will the weather have on the project?
  • Tasks – What’s being done? What has started? What has finished?
  • Materials/hiring – What materials are coming on to the site? Did you get all the materials and what was the quality of them? It is also important maintain and monitor hire equipment here, ensuring you avoid off-hire charges.
  • Workers – Who is on the site? What are they doing? What contractors are coming on to the site?
  • Agreements and Offers – You are constantly making new agreements during the project. It is important to record this information in case of any disputes down the road.
  • Documents – What documents, mainly drawings are being delivered to the site?
Why you need one?
The most important thing to understand, you are legally required to have one here in Scandinavia. A construction log is admissible in court, if any site disputes should occur. The construction log generally will be brought up as documentary evidence. So, naturally it is important to daily update the log and ensure that all relevant information is present.
This also extends to Work Cover claims. Work Cover will request to see the Construction Log in an accident investigation.
What it does?
A Construction Log centralises the daily occurrences of a site. It ensures that all relevant parties are informed and helps day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible. The most important thing a construction log does is share information. It ensures everybody is on the same page on the daily occurrences of the site. It is important to note that a construction log should include pictures, giving real time photo evidence.
Who uses it?
It is important to understand that there is no universal rule about what should be in a Construction Log and or who inputs the information. In general terms the Site Manager would be putting most of the information into the Construction Log and would be signed off by the Site Supervisor. This ensures no information has been altered in case of any disputes that might occur.
How it saves time?
That answer is simple. Having all relevant information in one centralised document is going to save everybody time. If it is well maintained and fluid than understanding what is happening daily at the site, what are your tasks and what might impact your day is in one accessible document.
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