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What’s New in WordPress 4.6 ?

What’s New in WordPress 4.6 ?

WordPress 4.6 is officially out with performance improvements as well as some handy new features. The latest features in 4.6 named “Pepper” in honor of jazz baritone saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, help you to focus on the important things while feeling more at home.

Here is what comes new in WordPress 4.6

Streamlined Updates / On-page Updates:

Streamline Updates
Never again will you have to go through multiple pages when updating or installing plugins and themes. Now, updates and installations will occur on the same page you’re already on. The process is very similar to downloading and updating apps on a mobile phone. Simply click on ‘update’ or ‘install’ and the action will be performed without having to take you to another page.

Inline Link Checker:

Inline link checker
The latest version of WordPress has a broken link checker baked right into the platform. As you insert links in your content, WordPress will immediately notify you if you have made an error. The platform will highlight broken links similar to how it highlights typos, giving you an opportunity to correct the error before publishing.

Content Recovery:

content recovery
You never know when a sudden disaster will happen causing you to lose your work if it hasn’t been recently saved. With the new version of WordPress you can worry less about lost work. Content will be safely stored in your browser as you type, ready to be recovered should an incident occur.You can restore WordPress posts from browser backups and autosave even when they have revisions disabled.

Native Fonts:

Native Fonts
Loading the WordPress dashboard is about to get a speed boost by utilizing the fonts you already have stored on your device. This will make moving around in the WordPress dashboard more efficient and allow you to get work done faster.

Other Updates
In addition to what has been mentioned above, WordPress 4.6 comes with a number of under-the-hood performance and stability improvements. For more details please refer the official blog post

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